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Leadership Training in University-Community Engagement

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Module I provides an overview on university-community engagement (UCE). It explains how universities disseminate the concept of community engagement to the wider world. The different categories and levels of community engagement are elaborated in this module. UCE frameworks are discussed to provide general overview of how higher education institutions (HEIs) can adapt in their effort to transform communities. Module II explains the why of implementing community engagement in HEIs. The topics covered include the rationale for HEIs to adopt community engagement as a part of their agenda; the model framework and role of volunteerism in community engagement; and leadership development in community engagement. To ensure that the stakeholders in the ecosystem of the nation accept community engagement as an important part of education, the benefits of community engagement to everyone and the nation are discussed.Module III focuses on the implementation of UCE. The process flow of UCE is introduced at the beginning of the module. It covers three major phases: (i) initiation of community engagement plan, (ii) design and implementation of community engagement, and (iii) evaluation and reporting of community engagement. The workshop modules will engage all HEIs to review, understand and implement best practices in UCE activities/projects to benefit various thrust areas. It can also bridge various stakeholders including MOHE, MOE, AKEPT, IPPTN and APUCEN. Thus, it is crucial for everyone to join force in establishing a national framework and best practices for the country to provide a systematic, sustainable, engaging and inclusive approach for community engagement.
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