Developments in Higher Education: National Strategies and Global Perspectives

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Developments in Higher Education: National Strategies and Global Perspectivesbrings together a collection of meticulously researched articles, providing insights into the changing nature of higher education through internationalisation and its consequent impact on the futures of higher education. These articles are intended for academics, policymakers and researchers in higher education to enhance their understanding, leading ultimately to sustainable human capital development. The book seeks to present a comprehensive discussion on internationalisation as a variable in higher education, and hence, derive alternative futures of higher education systems. It also suggests a different perspective regarding the appraisal of higher learning institutions and the subsequent influence on policy recommendations. Many of these important aspects are gathered together under topics such as “Internationalising Higher Education: A Malaysian Perspective”, “Rankings and Policy Contradictions: Is It Time to Move Beyond Rankings?” and “Campuses 2060: Four Futures of Higher Education in Four Alternative Futures of Society”. This book is recommended to anyone seeking to further enhance their knowledge in higher education, especially in regards to policymaking.

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